How Improved Wetsuit Design Has Worsened Hearing In Surfers

How Improved Wetsuit Design Has Worsened Hearing In Surfers

How Improved Wetsuit Design Has Worsened Hearing In Surfers

Wetsuit design techniques have improved dramatically over recent decades.  Improved materials and fit mean wetsuits have the ability to keep surfers much warmer for prolonged durations of time. This allows them to stay in the water for longer.  Unfortunately this has led to a worsening of surfer's ear.  This is a common condition amongst surfers. It is caused by cooling of the ear canal and the mastoid bone behind the ear leading to the growth of bony spurs around the entrance to your ear canal.  This closes over the canal and causes deafness after the narrowing reaches 90%.

Individuals are also at increased risk of ear infections as the canal retains debris and takes longer to dry out.  This creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.  Surfers need to wear ear plugs as well as a surfing cap to keep water off their ear canals and mastoid bone in order to prevent the condition. ZenPlugs Molded Surfing Ear Plugs are perfect because they are individually molded to the ears. They are comfortable, waterproof and even kill germs, helping to prevent the ear infections that surfers are prone to. They last for years and can be connected with a cord so you don't lose them.

ZenPlugs Custom Molded Surfing Ear Plugs
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ZenPlugs Custom Molded Surfing Ear Plugs are surprisingly comfortable and incredibly good at keeping water out of your ears.  Costing far less than having your ear plugs molded by the audiologist as well as being antibacterial they are the best surfing ear plugs and are ideal for preventing surfer's ear.  Because they are connected on a cord they can be tied to your wetsuit, preventing you losing them.  The bright colours are easy to find if you drop them on the beach.

Simply soften in hot water and in a few minutes you will have an amazing pair of custom surfing ear plugs which will last for years.

Buy your pair now, they won't disappoint you.

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