Incredible Molded Ear Plugs

ZenPlugs Molded Earplugs provide superior comfort along with remarkable noise reduction. Made using a revolutionary patent pending process to give you exceptionally comfortable molded earplugs. They shield the ear from noise, water and bacteria. This outstanding comprehensive protection makes our earplugs ideal for sleeping, snoring and swimming. The plugs are also a preventative measure against swimmer's and surfer's ear.

ZenPlugs - The Best Molded Ear Plugs
ZenPlugs Custom Molded Ear Plugs
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Key Features

  • Astonishingly comfortable
  • Excellent noise blocking ability
  • Superb at keeping water out
  • The only remoldable molded earplug kit in the world
  • Powerful antibacterial Steritouch to prevent ear infections
  • Unique patent pending easy to follow procedure
  • Simply soften in hot water and mold straight in you ear
  • Range of eye catching colours to choose from
  • Lanyard supplied to prevent loss
  • Significantly cheaper than molded earplugs made by an audiologist
  • Perfect results every time or your money back
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Uses For ZenPlugs Custom Molded Fitted Hearing Protection

There are countless occasions in which ZenPlugs Custom Molded Earplugs come in  useful:

  • Sleeping and snoring – ZenPlugs don't protrude from the ears. This makes them ultra-comfortable whilst lying on your side.
  • Swimming - ZenPlugs boast double action prevention. They guard against swimmer's ear by keeping water out of the ear.  The plugs also kill MRSA, Salmonella and all the other bacteria which cause ear infections.
  • Under motorcycle helmets – As ZenPlugs don't protrude from the ear they stay in place when you put your helmet on and take it off. The plugs block wind and traffic noise.
  • For flying - Prevent jet lag and reduce fatigue by wearing ZenPlugs when flying to get some quality sleep. Unfortunately, they won't stop the lady sitting next to you spilling gin and tonic down your leg.
  • Festivals - Glastonbury is notoriously noisy all night. If you want any sleep at all you need a pair of ZenPlugs in your battered backpack.
  • Concerts - If you are going to a concert or are listening to loud music you need a good pair of earplugs to protect you against deafness.
  • DJs - Our molded ZenPlugs will stop you going deaf whilst you're tearing up the dance floor.
  • Rubbish music - If your husband has bad taste in music then a pair of ZenPlugs might just save your marriage. You can even allow him to keep his Meatloaf collection!

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