ZenPlugs Fitted Custom Molded Earplugs

ZenPlugs New Improved, Patent Pending Fitted Custom Molded Earplugs are revolutionary, giving you custom molded ear plugs from a kit you can make at home for far less than it costs to have your molded earplugs made by an audiologist.

  • Individually custom molded to each ear for supreme comfort
  • Make at home in a few minutes, visit the video on the right to see how simple it is
  • Effective at blocking noise and water
  • Non-porous; hygienic and long-lasting
  • Great for water-sports
  • Antibacterial, may reduce the chance of otitis externa ear infection associated with prolonged earplug use
  • Brightly coloured fitted ear plugs, easy to find if you drop them
  • Custom ear plugs can be joined by a cord, or not, the choice is yours

By Toby Bateson


'May I say I’m delighted with the ZenPlugs product.  I am extremely impressed with the thoughtful packaging, directions, and amazing attention to detail as regards the kit!

As for the performance, they work marvellously, with no “pressure” or discomfort at all.

Bravo to you and your team.'

Richard Liebowitz, Falmouth UK, via email

Molded Ear Plugs Are Probably The Most Most Comfortable, Most Effective Ear Plugs You Will Wear

Because they are individually molded to your ears, custom molded ear plugs are probably the most comfortable and most effective ear plugs you will ever wear.  Our ear plugs are individually molded from a kit so you can be sure that they fit.  They effectively block sound and water from entering your ear canals, making them great for sleeping, snoring, swimming, snorkelling, diving and any other time you need a good pair of ear plugs.  Ours even contain an antibacterial compound which may help prevent ear infections.  Click the 'Buy Now' button now to buy yours.

Molded Ear Plugs

Molded Ear Plugs