Block Snoring Ear Plugs

Block Snoring Ear Plugs

Block Snoring Ear Plugs

Welcome to the instructional video for ZenPlugs Patent Pending Molded Ear Plugs. Our ear plugs are incredibly comfortable and effective at blocking sound and water from the ears. They are great for sleeping, swimming, snoring, surfing, musicians, studying and any other time you need a decent pair of ear plugs.

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ZenPlugs Custom Moulded Snoring Ear Plugs are ideal when noise is stopping you sleeping at night. Because each one is gently contoured to your ears they are sublimely comfortable and create a customised seal which keeps noise out, giving you a a great night's sleep. Moulded simply in a few minutes using our patented one-stage process the plugs will give you years of service. As they are antibacterial they will protect your ears against nasty ear infections.

  • Moulded to your ears at home in a few minutes for amazing comfort and fit

  • Antibacterial so prevent horrible ear infections

  • Super-effective at blocking the noise of snoring at night

  • Adjustable fit means ear plugs don't protrude from your ears so you can sleep on your side comfortably at night

  • Last for years

  • Patented process; no-one makes ear plugs like us

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