7 Key Benefits Of A Moulded Custom Ear Plug

7 Key Benefits Of A Moulded Custom Ear Plug

7 Key Benefits Of A Moulded Custom Ear Plug

Surely every earplug is the same? Why would you go to the trouble of getting a pair of custom molded ear plugs? Well here's a quick rundown of all the benefits of custom earplugs.  The details are also contained in the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Guide to Moulded Custom Earplugs.

1. Moulded Earplugs Offer a Better Fit

Normal earplugs that you can buy over the counter usually come in three main sizes - small, medium and large. Yet everyone has a uniquely shaped ear canal, so actually you are pushing something into your ear which is not a good fit. These ill-fitting earplugs can become loose and drop out or irritate your ears, causing ear infections.

2. Longer Lasting Earplugs

The lifespan on an earplug is increased with the less strain exerted upon it. Constantly forcing an earplug into the ear will result in cracks and splits. A custom moulded earplug fits perfectly inside the user's ear every time.

3. Moulded Earplugs Are Cheaper and Save Money

Even if you go to an audiologist for your custom earplugs, you will save money on the long run on buying replacements. There are also cheaper kits available that allow you to customise your moulded earplugs at home easily, simply and cheaply.

4. Custom Earplugs Provide a Better Seal

If you are using your earplugs for water sports then you need ones which provide a good, tight seal. Loose earplugs or ill-fitting ones will still allow water inside the ears. A moulded earplug provides a better seal as it covers the shape of your outer ear canal exactly.

5. Protects Against Ear Infections

Foam earplugs can harbour pathogenic bacteria which has a tendency to grow on warm, moist surfaces. Some moulded custom earplugs, such as ZenPlugs have an antibacterial coating. This helps protect against bacteria that can cause ear infections such as otitis externa.

6. Protection Against Hearing Loss or Damage

Earplugs offer well known protection from hearing loss associated with damaged ears. Noise-induced hearing loss is now common in musicians as is tinnitus. They won't reduce your enjoyment of your favourite band but it will reduce your chances of damaging your ears permanently.

7. Comfort of a Perfect Fit

Ideally you want to forget that you have them in at all. With moulded custom earplugs like ZenPlugs you can as they fit like a jigsaw piece into a puzzle - perfectly and with ease!

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