It's Been A Busy Week Here At ZenPlugs HQ...

It's been all-stops-out here at ZenPlugs HQ this week.  The weather has been terrible here. One minute it's sunny so you go out without your coat on. A few minutes later you've got thunder, lightning and hail hitting you in the face.  We've made the most of it by staying in and writing some articles for you.  The latest are here on the homepage. It describes different types of ear plugs, materials and uses, helping you choose the right ones for you.  As there are a plethora of earplugs available to buy it can be very difficult to know what type to buy for your purpose.  Sleeping and snoring varieties are amongst the most popular and molded ear plugs are ideal in these situations.  Custom fitted for each ear, one at a time, they are dramatically comfortable and so comfortable when lying on your side.

We've also been working on our Amazon listing here.  We love selling on Amazon, it works really well for customers and shows our products off from their best angle.  Amazon is a great place to shop; why not pop over and leave us a great review; we would love you forever.

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What Is Swimmer's Ear And How Can You Prevent It?

Swimmer's ear infection (otitis externa) is a common malady which particularly affects swimmer's.  Swimming regularly or for a long time particularly increases the risk of the problem.  Water and irritants such as soap and chlorine cause inflammation of the fragile skin which lines the ear. This makes it much more prone to invasion by nasty bacteria which can cause ear infection.

Early signs include mild soreness which can progress to pain, itching, redness and discharge. Muffled hearing may occur from the build-up of slough and debris in the canal of the ear.

Prevention can be achieved through wearing the best swimming ear plugs. ZenPlugs Double Action Ear Plugs are ideal because they keep water out of your ears and kill the bugs which give you ear infections.  If water enters your ear it is also important to wash them out with drinking water or surgical alcohol.

Make sure you take preventative steps in the early stages before clinical infection sets in.  If you may have an ear infection make sure you consult your doctor.

Our products are proudly manufactured in Cornwall, UK.  We supply our ear plugs to London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Edmonton, Glasgow, Ireland, Aberdeen, Ipswich, Inverness, Kent, Leeds, Ontario, Melbourne, New Zealand, Newcastle, Perth, Sydney, Vancouver, Victoria, Cardiff, Australia, the USA, Canada and ship our products around the world.

  It's Been A Busy Week Here At ZenPlugs HQ...

 It's Been A Busy Week Here At ZenPlugs HQ...