What Are The Advantages Of Custom Fitted Ear Plugs?

What Are The Advantages Of Custom Fitted Ear Plugs?

What Are The Advantages Of Custom Fitted Ear Plugs?

There are many different types of ear plugs available; what's so good about custom fitted ear plugs?

The advantages are as follows;

Comfortable.  Because they are made individually for you they fit like a hand in a glove so don't exert outward pressure, unlike foam ear plugs.

Effective at blocking sound.  The custom seal makes them great at blocking sound. Examples include snoring, traffic noise and parties.

Effective at blocking water.  They are impervious to water, also unlike foam ear plugs so they are great for swimming and surfing.  They prevent swimmer's ear by preserving the protective qualities of the skin in your ear and so keep ear infections and otitis externa at bay.

Last for years.  The resilient materials used will last for years of normal use.

Less expensive in the long run.  Because they last for years they work out cheaper than wax, foam or soft silicon if you use them regularly. 

Antibacterial.  ZenPlugs Custom Fitted Ear Plugs contain Steritouch (R), an antibacterial proven to kill all the bacteria which cause ear infections.  Most do not have this.  They are also the only remoldable molded ear plugs in the world so you can refit them as many times as you need to.

Can be connected on a cord.  This stops you losing them in the sea.

Available in bright colours.  Also makes them easier to find.

Treat yourself to a lovely pair of ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs and keep your ears happy and healthy for years to come.

If you knew you were going to be stranded on a desert island indefinitely and you were only allowed to take a single item with you, what would it be?  I would choose my ZenPlugs Custom Molded Earplugs.  Here are the two reasons accounting for this.  The primary one is that I have been told that the common-or-garden desert island is a surprisingly noisy place with monkeys making more monkeys all night and violent hurricanes tearing up the beaches.  My reed hut wouldn't keep much noise out so I will be glad of a really good night's sleep so I can spend the next day foraging effectively without falling asleep on the job.  As well as this, because they don't protrude I won't be woken up when I turn over on my grass mattress.  Foam ear plugs often work they way out during the night, leading to wakening when you lie on your side as they can press into your ears.

The second reason is that they will keep my ears healthy.  There are three ear conditions I would be prone to whilst on the island, all of which I would be protected against by my trusty ear plugs;

  • Surfer's ear.  In my spare time I would use rocks to fashion myself a longboard from a plank of wood; this would put me at risk of surfer's ear from repeated immersion in water.  The wind blowing over my ears would otherwise result in the formation of bony exostoses, leading to deafness and repeated ear infections.
  • Swimmer's ear.  This is ear infections caused by repeatedly getting the ears wet.
  • Mediterranean ear.  Ear soreness, inflammation and infection from getting sweaty ears whilst on holiday in hot countries.

If only I had the chance!