Advice On Choosing Ear Plugs For Sleeping And Snoring

Advice On Choosing Ear Plugs

Advice On Choosing Ear Plugs

Such a huge variety of ear plugs are available to buy from shops and the internet it can be difficult knowing which are best for sleeping and snoring.  Here is some advice on choosing ear plugs for sleeping and snoring.

  • Materials.  Wax and the soft silicon type ear plugs are reasonable at blocking sound. Unfortunately they only last for a small number of uses as they will always accumulate hair and dirt as well as becoming discoloured.  Although the initial purchase price is less than molded custom ear plugs they cost far more in the long run as they need to be replaced so frequently.  Molded ear plugs from last much longer and are far more comfortable than other types.  They are cheaper than other types in the long run as they last for hundreds of uses.
  • Antibacterial.  Unlike most other ear plugs ZenPlugs are antibacterial. This means  they help to protect you against ear infections from prolonged or repeated ear plug use.  They also don't protrude from your ears so are more comfortable lying on your side in bed.
  • Connected on a cord.  It is best not to use ear plugs which are connected on a cord when sleeping. If your ear plugs do have a cord you can cut it short to make soft handles you can lie on.

Our advice on choosing ear plugs is that molded ear plugs make the best all-round ear plugs. 

The Humble Earplug

Earplugs are ubiquitous in our society. They are so useful in so many different situations they end up cropping up everywhere you look. Moulded earplugs are the best general-purpose plugs. This is because they are superb when it comes down to blocking noise from your ears, as well as being superlative at keeping water out.

Because they are made one at a time for each ear they are fitted to every contour. This means they create very little pressure and so are far more comfortable than other types of earplugs. This is particularly when compared to the foam variety which tends to swell laterally within the ear canal. It can result in pain and pressure. ZenPlugs are even antibacterial making them good at preventing the malady known as swimmers' ear. Those who pop to the pool and the seaside frequently will find that their ears often become itchy and sore; an early sign of the condition. When redness, swelling, pain and deafness set in you know you have a full blown ear infection. Make sure you visit your GP for an examination and antibiotic treatment if necessary.

Wear earplugs regularly to prevent swimmers ear through keeping your ear canals dry.  Antibacterial types are far more effective.