Best Custom Moulded Ear Plugs For Swimming

 Best Custom Moulded Ear Plugs For Swimming

Best Custom Moulded Ear Plugs For Swimming

Swimmers are at risk of swimmer's ear. This is a an unpleasant disorder of the outer ear where soreness and itching can become a problem. In the later stages, infection occurs with discomfort, discharge and muffled hearing. It can be prevented easily by wearing ear protection but which are the best custom moulded ear plugs for swimming?

In our opinion ZenPlugs are the best. This is because they have a great unique double-action against swimmer's ear. They are waterproof and so keep water out of the ears. As well as this they are antibacterial and so kill bacteria which could lead to infection. Because our plugs from plugs are individually moulded to the ears they are very comfortable and fit like a hand in a glove. The plugs are gentle on the ears and so avoid damage to the skin. Otherwise infection is more likely and infection can be made worse.

Some people notice signs of the problem after only going in the water a single time. This is particularly if they are not used to swimming or find themselves in warm or dirty waters. It is common for people to develop the problem whilst on holiday. Sometimes the condition is called Mediterranean ear. This refers to the fact that people often get it when on holiday. Sweat running into the ears and warm conditions also contribute to bacterial and fungal growth in the ears. Good ear hygiene and wearing antibacterial earplugs to keep water out could really help.

It is tempting when the ear is itchy to poke fingers and pointy things into the canals. Don't! This could make the problem worse because the delicate skin that lines the ears is easily damaged. Visit your doctor for an examination and they will consider giving you some antibiotic drops as treatment.

If you think you have a problem ensure you go to your doctor. This article does not count as medical advice.

Dr Toby Bateson

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