What Are The Different Types Of Ear Plugs Available?

What Are The Different Types Of Ear Plugs Available?

What Are The Different Types Of Ear Plugs Available?

There are a lot of different types of ear plugs available to buy nowadays on the web and in the world in general.  This is a response to the public demand for the product.  Which is the best of the bunch?

Molded.  These are the most useful and long lasting out of the different types available. Many people are put off by the cost but they don't know about the ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs Kit. This allows you to make your own at home in a few minutes. This variety is made from waterproof and high density materials. This makes them perfect for both reducing sound levels and keeping water out of the ears. ZenPlugs are also antibacterial, making them really efficient at preventing ear infections.

Foam.  These ear plugs are everywhere. They are cheap and are good at blocking sound but they're not comfortable at all. They tend to come out easily and they are not any good at the exclusion of water from the ears because they are the most porous type of ear plug available.

Wax. These ear plugs tend to be more expensive than foam types and tend to be messy and leave residue on the hands and pillow.

In conclusion the molded ear plugs are the most comfortable, versatile and effective at keeping water and sound out of the ears.  Now you know the answer to 'What are the different types of ear plugs available?'  


When you are choosing a pair of ear plugs for swimming it is worth spending some time choosing a good set.  Important considerations are how often you will be using them and how long for.  If you will be using them for some time it is probably worth considering buying a pair of molded earplugs for swimming.

Unfortunately having your ears molded by an audiologist can be time consuming and expensive but an alternative is available.  Molded earplugs can now be purchased which can be made at home from a kit in a few minutes.  The results are excellent, giving you long-lasting, robust ear plugs which will protect you from ear infections for years to come.

ZenPlugs molded ear plugs make ideal ear plugs for swimming because they are individually fitted to the ears and so are excellent at excluding water from your ears; they are even antibacterial so are brilliant at preventing swimmer's ear.  They are available in may bright colours so you can choose a pair which contrast with the beach or pool so you can find them if you drop them on the floor.  You could tie the cord to the wetsuit so you can find them if they fall out.  Visit their website to buy a pair.

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