Why Do My Earphones Hurt And Fall Out?

Why Do My Earphones Hurt And Fall Out?

Why Do My Earphones Hurt And Fall Out?

It is a common problem amongst joggers and gym visitors to find that their earphones hurt and fall out of their ears.  This can be irritating, frustrating and distracting when you are going for your personal best.  Coupled with this they are often uncomfortable an can result in ear infections with prolonged use.

The problem with many modern in-the-ear earphones is that they are round and people's ears are all different shapes. This makes it a case of 'one size fits none'.

Activity in the gym causes your MP3 player to bounce and your earphones slip out of your ears, causing annoyance.

So what's the solution?

ZenPlugs Moulded Earphones for iPod are individually moulded to your ears. This creates a lasting impression that fits like a key in a lock, keeping your earphones in your ears.

They are available in many colours and are even antibacterial. This reduces the risk of infections from repeated and prolonged use of earphones.

You can make them at home in a few minutes.  This saves you time and money on visiting the audiologist to have impressions made. They are far more comfortable than the standard varieties of earphones supplied with MP3 players and phones nowadays.

Many people find the earphones which came bundled with their iPod, iPhone or iPad uncomfortable, it's unfortunately a case of one size fits none.  Sometimes even expensive earphones and headphones don't fit well due to variations in the size and shape of people's ears.  This results in sore, painful ears and earphones falling out.

ZenPods DIY Moulded Earphones Kit from ZenPlugs helps prevent these problems by helping you make your own custom earphones at home in a few minutes.  Because they are individually customised to each ear they create a tight seal which is very comfortable and boosts bass and midrange sounds due to preventing sound escaping from around the sides of the earphones.  Inventor Dr Toby Bateson explains how they work in this YouTube clip; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByLRFso5ZJY

All ZenPlugs Products include the powerful antibacterial agent Steritouch which utilises the powerful properties of silver to kill pathogenic bacteria which cause terrible ear infections.  It has been proven to destroy MRSA, Pseudomonas, Salmonella and many others making it great at preventing otitis externa, swimmer's ear and other ear infections.

Steritouch lasts for the life of the product and is completely non-toxic to humans and other animals.  ZenPlugs are also wipe-clean and can be washed in warm water and mild detergent, unlike many other auditory products.