Brilliant Custom Moulded Swimming Ear Plugs

Brilliant Custom Moulded Swimming Ear Plugs

Brilliant Custom Moulded Swimming Ear Plugs

People who swim regularly are at risk from swimmer's ear. This can easily be prevented by wearing a pair of custom moulded swimming ear plugs.

Swimmer's ear starts as itching and soreness and can progress to an ear infection. Signs of this are more severe pain and itching, discharge, redness, flaking of skin and reduced hearing. If you catch it early before the infection sets in you might prevent it progressing. Ways you can do this are as follows.

- Wear custom moulded swimming ear plugs. ZenPlugs keep water out of your ears and kill bacteria at the same time. This means that they effectively prevent swimmer's ear. You can wear them in the bath or shower to keep soap and shampoo out. Moulded ear plugs are much better value for people who use ear plugs frequently because they last for years. This means that even though they cost more to buy initially than standard ear plugs the cost per use is far less.

- Rinse your ears. If you get sea water, pool water, soap or shampoo in your ears you should rinse them with clean water afterwards. This can really help reduce the risk of swimmer's ear. Take a bottle of drinking water with a squirty sports cap and squirt it in your ears.

- Drain your ears. If your ears are water logged after swimming spend some time draining them. Pull your outer ear in every direction whilst opening and closing your mouth. This should clear the water from your ears and reduce the time they are wet.

- Keep fingers out. Sore and itchy ears are just asking to be scratched. Fingers and pencils pushed into ears can lead to worsening of infection. The skin can be broken and damaged more easily as it is swollen and infected.

Summary. Moulded swimming ear plugs are great for preventing swimmer's ear. Otherwise, make sure you rinse your ears, drain them and keep your fingers out.

Make sure you visit your doctor if you have an ear problem. This post is not a substitute for medical advice.

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