Looking To Buy Moulded Ear Plugs In London?

If you are looking to buy moulded ear plugs in London then you are in the right place. We ship worldwide by first class post so if you are looking for ear plugs in London then use our 'Buy Now' button. Visit our shopping cart and buy yours now; your ears will love you forever.

Our ear plugs from zenplugs.com are comfortable, colourful, washable and antibacterial.  They are amazing at blocking water and sound from your ears.  They are individually moulded to your ears from a kit so fit perfectly. They are made from a thermoplastic which is so biocompatible it is used to make medical implants for inside the body. If you are looking to buy moulded ear plugs in London don't go to the audiologist. They will charge you a fortune and spend ages fiddling about in your ears. Our patent-pending process is easy to use, giving great results at home every time or your money back.  Because our technology has a patent applied for on it you won't find it anywhere else; it's unique.

Because they are individually moulded to your ears they create an excellent customised seal with your ear canal. This is great at excluding water and sound from your ears.  ZenPlugs make great general purpose ear plugs as well as being ideal for sleeping, snoring, swimming and surfing.  They use the antibacterial Steritouch which  kills all the bacteria which cause ear infections. This makes them great for preventing swimmer's ear.  Click 'Buy Now' to make your ears happy.

Snoring issues and sleeping problems are very common reasons for people to invest in a pair of domestic earplugs. In order to be effective they need to be comfortable in bed and effective at blocking sound, but which are the best ear plugs for sleeping? Moulded earplugs are ideal as each are fitted to your canals individually, meaning that they are contoured to each lump and bump.

In order to remain comfortable they need to remain flush with the side of your head so that they do not dig in when you roll over in bed. ZenPlugs are designed to be comfortable in this way. They are the only moulded earplugs kit in the world which can be remoulded as many times as you like. This means that they can be adjusted. This is unlike those from the audiologist which can remain uncomfortable despite several fittings.

ZenPlugs do not expand in your ear, unlike foam ear plugs which can press on the delicate skin lining the canal. Foam also tends to push itself out during the night, due to its expansion. This can result in discomfort, pain and them coming out and waking you up during the night. You end up being exposed to the sound that you are attempting to block.

Foam is also unhygienic as it can harbour bacteria, viruses and fungi. Moulded types are far more hygienic as they can be wiped clean, rinsed under the tap and are non-porous so do not soak up moisture and wax from your ears. For this reason they last for much longer; in fact with care they can last for several years of sustained use. This makes moulded varieties far better value in the long run as the cost per use is much lower than other types.

Looking To Buy Moulded Ear Plugs In London?

Looking To Buy Moulded Ear Plugs In London?