Choosing The Right Ear Plugs

Choosing The Right Ear Plugs

Choosing The Right Ear Plugs

Which ear plugs you should choose depends on what you are planning to use them for and for how long.

- Foam. These ubiquitous ear plugs are cheap and effective at blocking sound from your ears. However they tend to become sore and itchy with prolonged use. This is because the foam traps dirt and bacteria and becomes abrasive on the skin lining the delicate ear. Because they expand they tend to fall out as they push themselves out of your ears.

- Moulded. Ideal all-purpose earplugs as they block sound and water effectively from your ears. ZenPlugs are available in kit form. They cost far less than having your ears moulded by an audiologist and are even available in antibacterial varieties. The most comfortable earplugs listed here, they are available in many colours. You can find them easily if you drop them on the floor of your truck or on the beach or the side of the swimming pool.

-Wax. Soft and sticky, these are effective at blocking water and sound from your ears but deteriorate quickly with use. This is because they trap dirt and hair, quickly becoming unusable. Unable to be connected with a cord.

- Soft silicon. Similar to wax in that they are suitable for swimming and sleeping and in that they tend to trap dirt and hair. Need replacing after a few uses.

In summary, there are many different types of ear plug available, each with it's own strengths and weaknesses. If you are looking for the best all-round ear plugs for everyday use in bed and in the pool then you won't go wrong with moulded ear plugs.


Snoring can be the bane of your life.  In severe situations it can cause relationship breakdown with insomnia leading to depression and anxiety.  You can easily save your marriage by wearing a good pair of ear plugs when you sleep to block snoring.

So Which Ear Plugs Are The Best Type For Snoring?

Foam ear plugs tend not to be ideal due to the undisputable fact that they expand in the ears, causing discomfort by pressing firmly on the easily damaged skin in the ears and progressively working out, coming out during the night and eventually waking you.

Wax and soft silicon ear plugs are comfortable but tend to be sticky and need replacing frequently due to them accumulating dirt and debris.  Rubber flanged ear plugs are more suitable for swimming.

Moulded fitted ear plugs are by far the best. They are fitted to each ear individually, making them comfortable and effective at blocking out noise.  ZenPlugs are made at home from a kit so are far less expensive than having some ear plugs made by a professional; they even incorporate a powerful antimicrobial agent proven to get rid of all bacteria known to lead to ear infections. They don't protrude from your ears so are comfortable when lying on your side in bed.

Give yourself the gift of sleep with a pair of excellent moulded earplugs from ZenPlugs.