Pink Ear Plugs With A Cord - Available Singly Or In Bulk

ZenPlugs Pink Ear Plugs Before Molding

ZenPlugs Pink Ear Plugs Before Molding

Our pink ear plugs are molded to your ears. This means they are comfortable and superb at blocking liquid and noise from your ear canals.  They cost a fraction of having your ears molded by an audiologist. They are even antibacterial and non-porous. This makes them hygienic, long-lasting and ideal for use in water. They also prevent surfers' ear and swimmers' ear.  Snoring is effectively blocked, allowing you to have a good night's sleep. They can be connected with a lanyard and tied to the zipper on your wetsuit if you are using them in the water.  Click 'Add To Cart' to purchase one or two pairs of pink earplugs. Alternatively use the form below if you are interested in pink ear plugs bulk or wholesale.

ZenPlugs Amazing Custom Fitted Ear Plugs are great general purpose ear plugs. This is simply because they are excellent at keeping sound and water out of your ears.  As they are made one at a time for each ear from a kit they are super-comfortable and last for years. This is be cause they are made from highly resilient materials.  They contain an antibacterial compound which has been proven to kill the bacteria which give you ear infections. This means they may help prevent swimmer's ear infection and other ear infections such as otitis externa.

ZenPlugs Custom Fitted Ear Plugs also prevent surfer's ear. They do this by stopping water and cold wind getting into the ear canals and causing them to close over with bony exostoses.  It is possible to connect the plugs together using a lanyard which is provided in the kit. You can tie this to the closure on your wetsuit if you wish, stopping you losing them if one pops out in the sea.

They are less likely to fall out as they are individually fitted to your ears so they fit like a key in a lock.

Treat yourself to healthy ears and years of peaceful sleep with a set of ZenPlugs Amazing Custom Molded Ear Plugs.

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