Do Your Earphones Hurt And Fall Out? Make Your Own Molded Earphones.

If you like listening to music or audiobooks in the gym or whilst you are jogging you probably have difficulty keeping your earphones in your ears.  The bouncing of your iPod means that they slip out easily.

The 'one size fits none' approach of most earphones means they tend to be uncomfortable and dig-in to your ears.  Because earphones hurt and fall out people tend to push them in even harder. This makes them even more uncomfortable as they are forced into your ear canals.  The skin lining the ear canals is thin and stuck tightly to the underlying bone. This makes I t delicate and very sensitive to pressure.  This is one of the main reasons earbuds can be so painful.  This video on YouTube will explain more;

In response to this we developed the ZenPlugs ZenPods Molded Earphone Kit.  This allows you to make earphones which are individually molded to your ears in only a few minutes.  They are far more comfortable as they fit like a key in a lock. There are no pressure points because the earphone is in contact with the ear over a much larger area than standard earphones.  Reduced sound leakage improves bass and midrange sound and prevents other people becoming annoyed.  Because more of the sound stays in your ears you can play your music at lower volume, prolonging precious battery life.  In the following video Dr Toby Bateson explains how the earphones work.


Do Your Earphones Hurt And Fall Out?  Make Your Own Molded Earphones.