Don't Get Tangled Up! 3 Top Tips to Keep Your Cables Tidy

Don't Get Tangled Up! 3 Top Tips to Keep Your Cables Tidy

Don't Get Tangled Up! 3 Top Tips to Keep Your Cables Tidy

We all know the scenario right? You are happily listening to music on your iPod with your headphones, then you shove them in your pocket for the rest of the day. When you get them out again for another relaxing journey listening to your greatest playlist, your headphone cables are a mess. So instead of nodding your head to the latest Jake Bugg album, you spend the rest of your journey untangling your cords in a futile game of 'Cat's Cradle'.

So common is this problem that it has spawned a whole new sport called 'Speedcabling'. Participants have to race against each other to untangle cables from a purposely tangled bundle.

Not everyone wants to take part in a game of Speedcabling. So how can you prevent yourself from getting tied up in a knot trying to untangle your own set of cables? Let's look at the main causes of cable tangle.

How Do My Cables Get So Tangled?

Your cables are not evil and do not tangle themselves in glee just to ruin your day, so what happens? Well wouldn't you just know that those busy scientists have put their genius minds together to figure it out?

Apparently it's all do with the length and the round shape which combine to make a tangled mess. Bet that was worth the research funding. So buy flat, short cables. Failing that, follow our 3 top tips to keep your cables tidy and tangle free.

3 Top Cable Tidy Tips

1. Knot Tie your cables

There are a number of ways in which you can knot your cables. These include the figure 8 method or the MP3 knot which is just wrapping the cable around your MP3 or iPod and securing it. However these methods can produce kinks or fray the cable.

2. Use the Case

Most people have an iPod or MP3 case and your cable can fit snugly and safely inside, stopping it becoming a knot of spaghetti in the bottom of your bag.

3. Get a Cable Tidy

Cable Tidies come in many different forms but the latest is the Cable Core which has grooves for wrapping your cables round. As it's flexible and soft, it won't damage your cables plus it's easy to use and takes up hardly any space.

Banish those cable tangled blues with our cable tidy ideas.