Ear Plug Reviews And Our New ZenPods Instructional Video

We're very pleased with our new ZenPods Instructional video by Benji Clifford. It's looking great, here it is. 

How To Make Your ZenPods Molded Earphone Adaptors.

ZenPods are great for running, jogging and exercise. This is because they keep your earphones in your ears and boost bass and midrange. This is due to reduced sound leakage around the earphone.  They are available here by clicking on 'Buy Now'.  For more information visit our homepage and browse our blog roll at the bottom of the page.

For information on ear infections, tinnitus and ear plugs our blog has a wealth of helpful information.  There are posts on causes and treatment of swimmer's ear, the role of ear plugs and how to prevent surfer's ear.  You can leave your own comments and offer help to others with the same problem.

For information and reviews of earplugs then our site is the place to visit.  There are helpful tips on choosing sleeping ear plugs, swimming ear plugs and snoring ear plugs. As well as this there is information on materials, prices and the role of ear plugs in preventing swimmer's ear or surfer's ear.

Otherwise, why not visit our Home Page.  There's information and links on ear infection diagnosis, treatment and prevention. There is also plenty of advice about our products.  Angela in accounts got so excited about it we had to gaffa tape her to the chair so she could keep typing.