Ear Plugs For Noise

Ear Plugs For Noise

Ear Plugs For Noise

Noise can be a serious problem. Regular noise at night can lead to chronic loss of sleep, insomnia, anxiety and depression in severe cases. The neighbour's boiler firing, dogs barking and late night revellers can all lead to regular waking and misery.

So what to do? Ear plugs for noise are a great solution to the problem. Molded ear plugs are far more effective as well as comfortable when it comes to blocking noise. This is because they are made for each ear individually and so fit like a hand in a bespoke designer glove.

ZenPlugs are definitely the plugs of choice when it comes to noise. This is because they are molded, comfortable, effective and cost far less than other types of molded ear plugs. You make them yourself at home from a kit so they are also less time consuming than going to the audiologist to have them made. They also cost far less.

ZenPlugs also contain Steritouch, an amazing antibacterial which has been proven to kill all the bugs known to cause ear infections. This means you are unlike to get itchy ears from your plugs.

Some noise levels can be dangerous for hearing. Before health and safety regulations it was common for factory and other industrial workers to become deaf at work. This was due to high energy sound exposure. It is now law that people who are exposed to dangerous levels need be supplied with ear plugs to protect their hearing. Noise-induced hearing loss also causes tinnitus.

Unfortunately noise-induced hearing loss is becoming more common again. This is particularly the case amongst young people as a result of using MP3 players turned up too loud. Recently more music playing devices and headphones have appeared which have volume limiters built-in. Hopefully this will improve the situation.

Dr Toby Bateson