Ear Plugs That Don't Fall Out

Ear Plugs That Don't Fall Out

Ear Plugs That Don't Fall Out

Are you looking for ear plugs that don't fall out? Many people find that they have problems with many types of earplugs not staying in. The foam variety are probably the worst for this, particularly whilst asleep. This is because they expand in the ear and push out during the night. This lead to you being woken up when they fall out. The ear canal tapers towards the outside, meaning that as the plug expands its emerges from the ear.

Moulded earplugs are ideal if you have problems with this. Because they do not expand in the ear canal they do not push themselves out. As they are shaped to the contours of your ears they fit like a hand in a glove, locking into place. This means that if you turn over in bed they stay in place.

This also makes them great for swimming, surfing and any time you are moving around whilst wearing your earplugs. ZenPlugs Ear Plugs are ideal as they cost far less than other types because they are made at home in just a few minutes. They are also antibacterial making them great for long-term use. They can be connected with a cord and tied to your wetsuit if you are wearing them whilst surfing.


Swimmer's are prone to outer ear infection due to the softening of the skin by the action of water. This takes away the effectiveness of the epithelium in it's ability to prevent infection. A good pair of ear plugs for swimming needs to be able to keep water out of the ears.

Sea water and pool water may be laden with germs and this is the second reason swimmers are likely to get infections of the outer part of the ear. As ZenPlugs Molded Swimming Ear Plugs have a double-action in preventing swimmer's ear because they are actively antibacterial as well as being highly effective at keeping water out of the ears.

They are created using a novel thermoplastic resin which lasts for ages, even with repeated exposure to water and chlorine.

It is important to keep your fingers out of your ears if they are itchy; as this is an early sign of swimmer's ear. Mucky fingers can introduce more bacteria and fingernails can damage the skin making the problem worse.

Foam ear plugs are no-good at preventing swimmer's ear as they don't block water and they actively harbour bacteria. Wax and soft silicon are better but tend to be expensive as they don't last long and need replacing frequently.