Ear Problems Caused By Surfing

Ear Problems Caused By Surfing

Ear Problems Caused By Surfing

Surfing is a great hobby; fun, good exercise and not too expensive but make sure you look after your ears.  There are 2 ear problems commonly caused by surfing. Swimmers' ear and surfer's ear.  Although they sound similar they are completely different conditions.

Swimmers' ear is infection and inflammation of the outer ear caused by the action of the water on the skin.  Water works it's way through the outer layer of the skin. This takes bacteria and irritants such as chlorine and soap with it into the dermis which lies beneath.  Here it can cause infection by multiplying and setting up home.

The body fights the bacteria by causing increased blood flow which brings white blood cells and cytokines with it.  It is the body's defences which tend to cause the redness, swelling and discharge that goes along with infection.  A good pair of antibacterial ear plugs is ideal for preventing this condition.  ZenPlugs kill bacteria and are hand-molded one at a time so are incredibly comfortable.  They are ideal for preventing swimmers' ear.

Surfer's ear is a completely different problem caused by the cooling effect of the water on the ear.  The ear gets wet during swimming and surfing. The movement of the wind across the side of the head results in accelerated evaporation and active cooling of the area.  This creates a reaction in the membrane covering the bone (periosteum) resulting in the formation of new bone around the opening.  These are called cranial exostoses.

Surfers' ear is easily prevented by wearing a good pair of surfing ear plugs.  ZenPlugs are also ideal for this because they keep water out of the ears.  They are quickly joined with a lanyard and easily tied to your neoprene suit zip to aid retrieval if one comes out of your ear in the water.

Protect yourself from swimmers' ear and surfer's ear with ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs.

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