Earphone Cables Knotted? You Need A Cable Tidy.

Here's our latest video on our DailyMotion Feed by Dr Toby Bateson. He is the inventor of our Cable Core Earphone, Headphone and Charger Cable Tidy. In it he talks about the inspiration for the device and how it compares to other cable tidies on the market.  He describes how it is more flexible than other models. As well as this it is also more effective at gripping wires and cords, preventing them from tangling.  Cable tidies are important with the growing number of gadgets we carry about and use every day.  It is frustrating and time consuming to have to keep untangling them. The tangles can damage cords and earphones so it is worth investing in a few good cable tidies.

Have you ever considered using them for camping and travelling?  You can use them to keep spare shoelaces and guyropes handy and not knotted in a terrible ball in the bottom of your rucksack.  The Cable Core comes in two convenient sizes. The larger variety is ideal for studio headphones which can easily have a couple of metres of cord hanging from them.  3 colours are available so you can have one for every mood.


Earphone Cables Knotted? You Need A Cable Tidy.

The Cable Core has obviously had some thought put into it as it works really nicelly, allowing you to wind flex on and off easily.  It's pleasantly pliable, feeling nice in your hand and your pocket.  You can buy it in pink, white and green and in two sizes. The small size is suitable for earphones and headphones for MP3 players and phones. The larger one is great for longer leads, studio headphones, cables, chargers and laptops.  You can get it here on Amazon and on their website.

ZenPlugs have designed the Cable Core to be aesthetic, ergonomic and easy to use.  This is in stark contrast to the lion's share of the products on the market which are often utilitarian, awkward and not very functional.  Surprisingly enough, many of them failed in the simple task of keeping the wires tidy. They did not hold the wire securely and allowed them to unravel and tangle up.  The Cable Core is an unusual design which is ideal for keeping the wires securely held without them coming off.  

The material is pleasantly flexible, allowing it to bend and not dig into your leg when you sit down with it in your pocket.  The notches for the wire are just the right depth to hold them securely and the scalloped edges are the right size for a standard earphone cable.  The larger size is spot on for the amount of cable you find on a studio headphone set.