Enjoy Your Flight With Moulded Flying Earplugs - A Review

Enjoy Your Flight With Moulded Flying Earplugs - A Review

Enjoy Your Flight With Moulded Flying Earplugs - A Review

Flying can be great fun; going on holiday, watching the in-flight movie, eating miniscule packets of peanuts. But what about when you need a nap and the person behind you is listening to Brittany at mega-decibels? You need some decent flying earplugs. ZenPlugs Custom Moulded Earplug Kit gives you effective, comfortable, antibacterial flying earplugs. This is for a fraction of the cost of having earplugs professionally moulded by an audiologist. Buy your flying earplugs today from our website.

ZenPlugs Moulded Flying Ear Plugs are;

  • Comfortable

  • Effective at blocking noise, aiding rest and preventing jetlag and fatigue

  • Colourful

  • Antibacterial

I bought a set of ZenPlugs in January and think they are extremely good. They fall out less frequently than other varieties and are generally comfortable.

Mark Mathewson


Why Should I Use Moulded Ear Plugs?

Fitted moulded custom ear plugs really are ideal for most ear plug uses.  Because they are made to fit your individual ear canals they are excellent at keeping loud sounds and dirty water out.  They are made from longer-lasting materials like thermoplastic.  This means they have a longer life-span than traditional foam or wax plugs which only last for a few uses before needing replacement.

Because they are fitted to your ears one at a time they tend to be far more comfortable than other types of earplugs. Foam ear plugs are notorious for being uncomfortable.  This is due to their expansion in your ear canal, pressing on the delicate skin and working their way out.  Due to this they tend to fall out easily, waking you up.  They are difficult to clean and tend to accumulate dirt and wax, unlike moulded ear plugs which are wipe-clean and so much more hygienic.

ZenPlugs Moulded Earplugs are ideal for use when sleeping and for preventing the sound of snoring.  This is because they don't protrude from your ear canals so are comfortable when lying on your side.  They are even antibacterial so help stop you getting ear infections.  Choose a bright colour so you find them easily if you drop them.