How Can I Listen To Music Whilst I Swim?

How Can I Listen To Music Whilst I Swim?

How Can I Listen To Music Whilst I Swim?

Training in the pool can become tedious and dull. Swimming lengths is repetitive and boredom can come in the way of your training.  Amazingly it is now possible to buy a waterproof MP3 player which you can use in the swimming pool.

A clever person has developed a way of making all the buttons and sockets waterproof. Just so you can enjoy reggae while you swim in the pool. 

How thoughtful!

Now you can compile some great playlists to keep you motivated whilst you potter up and down the pool.  You can create an alternative playlist for each routine or activity you do, tailoring it to your requirements.

When you're not wearing your waterproof earphones it is very important to wear your molded swimming ear plugs.  This is to protect yourself from swimmer's ear.  ZenPlugs Custom Swimming Ear Plugs are ideal as they are super comfortable.  They are also exceptional at keeping water out of your ears because they are molded individually.

They are brightly coloured and can conveniently be connected using a cord in order that you don't lose them.

It is worth buying some swimming ear plugs because if you get swimmer's ear you will be out of the pool for some time.

Swimming is good for your health.  Everybody knows that regular exercise will keep your heart and lungs strong and will help you live a longer and happier life.  There are a few hazards; slipping and banging your head on the side of the pool and ear infections.  Protect yourself by not running and wearing a pair of molded ear plugs for swimming.

Swimmers ear infection frequently affects those who swim often or have dermatitis of the ear.  Chlorinated, warm and contaminated water are all more likely to cause the problem. Irritants such as soap, chlorine and perfumes can cause minor inflammation of the skin and strip away the protective wax. This results in infection being more likely.

Germs from dirty fingers and dirty water penetrate the skin and set up shop in the dermis.  The body recognises them as being unwanted from the antigen molecules on their surface. It attacks them with antibodies and other molecules called cytokines.  White blood cells are sent along to destroy them too.  These things are mostly what causes the inflammation, pain and pus we associate with infection.

ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs make perfect ear plugs for swimming. This is because they effectively eliminate water from the ear and are powerfully antibacterial.  Available from their website.