How Do I Know Which Multi-Purpose Ear Plugs Should I Choose To Buy?

How Do I Know Which Multi-Purpose Ear Plugs Should I Choose To Buy?

How Do I Know Which Multi-Purpose Ear Plugs Should I Choose To Buy?

Choosing which ear plugs to buy can be tricky when there are a multitude of varieties on the market.  Here we will give you some more information to help you decide.

  • Foam.  These commonplace ear plugs are effective at blocking sound but tend to be abrasive, unhygienic and uncomfortable, coming out often due to their expansion in your ears.  They need to be replaced often.Not hygienic as they are porous and dirt and bacteria are deposited on the surface.
  • Wax.  These are fine for swimming and sleeping but tend to get clogged with wax and hair, only lasting for a few uses before needing replacement.  Unable to be connected on a cord.
  • Molded.  This type is great for swimming, sleeping and any time you need a good pair of ear plugs.  Resilient and long lasting they are good for years of regular use.  You can make your own from a kit to save you time and money going to a clinic if you visit ZenPlugs.  Some varieties are even antibacterial and can be connected on a cord so you don't lose them.
  • Flanged rubber.  Great for swimming in that they keep water out but tend to be uncomfortable due to the hard rubber core in the centre.  Can be connected on a cord to stop you losing them on the beach or the side of the pool.  The rubber flanges deteriorate and split over time.

When Are Custom Ear Plugs Useful?

Custom ear plugs are very useful in a huge range of circumstances. If you have a job interview the next day you don't want to be woken at night by dogs barking and drunken revellers; invest in a decent pair of ear plugs and make sure you perform to your highest standard.

If you are a serious sportsman you want to be performing at your highest level; ensure a good night's sleep by wearing the best ear plugs you can get your hands on.

Living near a busy city centre can be very problematic when it comes to sleeping. Late night clubs and parties can keep you awake all night. Keep a really good set of ear plugs in your drawer just in case.

Living near a busy train station or airport can lead to repeated waking during the night and this can result in chronic insomnia, anxiety, depression and relationship troubles. Lack of sleep can cause people not to achieve their full potential at work.

Invest in a pair of ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs for sleeping and snoring; they don't protrude from your ears so are comfortable when lying on your side in bed. They are also antibacterial and brightly coloured so you can easily find them if you drop them.