How To Choose Ear Plugs For Sleeping

How To Choose Ear Plugs For Sleeping

How To Choose Ear Plugs For Sleeping

It is very difficult knowing which earplugs to choose for sleeping nowadays. This is because of the amazing fact there are so many types and brands to choose from. How are you to know which are the best?

In our opinion moulded earplugs are the best sleeping variety. This is for several reasons. The main reason is comfort; some types are not comfortable at all, for example foam types. These tend to expand outwards in your ear canal, pressing hard on the delicate skin lining.

This can lead to such severe discomfort that you may wake up during the night. Alternatively you may remove the plugs in your sleep. This potentially exposes you to the noise you were intending to block and leads to wakening.

Moulded plugs are specifically shaped to each canal individually making them contour to each bump and lump of your body. This leads to them being incredibly comfortable as there are no localised pressure areas.

This custom fit also leads to exceptionally good noise attenuation properties. This means that they will block sound exceptionally well and give you an excellent night's sleep.

ZenPlugs moulded earplugs are particularly good as they cost dramatically less than having the plugs created by the local clinic. The antibacterial agent dramatically reduces the risk of contamination causing infections. They are also very hygienic as they are wipe clean, nonporous and last for years.

Wax, soft silicon and rubber flanged varieties are not suitable for this purpose as they are very uncomfortable or sticky. The wax and soft silicon types will get stuck to the bed clothes and can get stuck in your hair. These are more suitable for swimming rather than sleeping. Rubber flanged ones tend to have a hard handle protruding which would cause the plug to dig in hard if you were to go onto your side during the night. Moulded brands are definitely the best type to choose.


Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is more common in those who've taken alcohol, use tobacco, are diabetic, or have high circumference necks.  It is vital that support from a medical practitioner is wanted as the condition is associated with an elevated danger of cardiac arrest (myocardial infarction) and stroke.  There are simple treatments available, for example supportive cushions and mandibular advancement devices (MADs) as well as more invasive operative remedies such as lasering the back of the throat.

When you may have OSA your medical practitioner might send you to a sleep doctor for examination and further management.  The site offers additional facts and tips on molded earplugs for sleeping.

Snoring can be completely unbearable if you don't have a decent set of earplugs for sleeping.  Earplugs can stop you being woken up and help you receive a good night's sleep.  An excellent set of sleeping earplugs has to be comfortable if worn for prolonged periods, effective at blocking sound and antibacterial to reduce the chance of ear infections connected with repeated earplug use.

When snoring is a significant problem for you it is worth reading a few earplug reviews to make certain you get a good pair of sleeping ear plugs which will help you sleep for some time.  ZenPlugs Custom Hearing Protection are designed for blocking the sound of snoring as well as use in water.

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