How To Get Water Out Of A Blocked Ear

How To Get Water Out Of A Blocked Ear

How To Get Water Out Of A Blocked Ear

It is worth knowing how to get water out of a blocked ear if you swim regularly. Most of us have probably experienced the feeling of deafness associated with having water in the ear. This occurs because the water is up against the drum and reduces the vibration. Without draining the ear there is an increased risk of ear infection; swimmer's ear. This is due to water-logging and overgrowth of bacteria and fungi as a result.

How to get water out of a blocked ear

1) Tilt your head. Gravity will help it run out. Tilt it towards the side of the ear you are trying to clear.

2) Open and close your mouth. At the same time as tilting your head you can open and close your mouth. This will pull and distort your ear canal, helping to break the surface tension of the water and release it from your ear.

3) Pull your ear. Do this at the same as the above two tips to maximize the chance of getting the water out. Tug your outer ear up, down and backwards, alternating until the water runs out.

Wearing a good pair of ear plugs stops water getting in to your ear in the first place. ZenPlugs Molded Swimming Ear Plugs are spot-on because they are molded to your ears so remain comfortable and keep water out of your ears. They are also antibacterial so are great at preventing swimmer's ear infection.

Swimmer's ear often starts out with some mild itching or irritation after swimming, showering or bathing.  If left unchecked it can lead to a clinical infection which requires antibiotics.  Drops are usually the best choice for otitis externa.  If the infection spreads past the ear drum to the middle ear then tablets may be required to get it under control.

Spare yourself the hassle of clearing your ears by getting yourself a lovely pair of ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs.