How To Prevent Ear Infections From Earphones

Regular users of earphones might find that they get ear infections when they wear their earphones for prolonged periods of time.  There are two reasons for this. Earphones can be contaminated with fungi and bacteria and they prevent ventilation of the ear canal. This leads to dampness. This softens the skin making it more prone to damage and infection, as well as promoting the growth of micro-organisms.

ZenPods Custom Earphones help prevent this because they incorporate Steritouch. It is a silver-based compound which kills the bacteria and fungi which cause ear infections for the life of the earphones.

How To Prevent Ear Infections From Earphones

Otitis externa can manifest as soreness, itching, discharge and muffled hearing from debris building up in the ear canal.  It is important to see a doctor if you think you may be suffering from the condition.

The ZenPlugs Process for making custom ear plugs was invented by Dr Toby Bateson. The chap was disappointed with the earpieces on his stethoscope.  Despite being an expensive stethoscope he found that the earpieces were uncomfortable. They didn't last very long before they split and came off.  He thought he could do better so he made a moulded pair himself using a thermoplastic compound. It allowed him to make a far superior pair of stethoscope earpieces in a few minutes.  The ZenPlugs Process was born.

Toby soon realised that the process could be extended to making earplugs and earphones. The whole range is incredibly comfortable and amazingly effective.

He incorporated Steritouch. This is an antibacterial compound which is renowned for being very effective at killing germs.  This helps to keep the ears of his customers free from infection.  The products are all wipe-clean and can be washed in warm soapy water making them far more hygienic than many other products on the market.

The process is unique and has a patent pending on it.  It allows users to mould the products themselves at home. This saves a huge amount of money compared to when you pop to audiology for your ear plugs or earphones to be made for you.

The thermoplastic mixture is a trade secret and the exact combination used is only known to a handful of people.  It allows the user to remould their plugs as many times as they like; no other moulded ear plug kit allows you to do this.

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