How To Solve The Problem Of Knotted Earphone Cables

How To Solve The Problem Of Knotted Earphone Cables

How To Solve The Problem Of Knotted Earphone Cables

Anyone who has a pair or earphones, headphones or MP3 player earbuds will have experienced a problem. They get in the most terrible tangle when you put them in your bag or pocket.  It can be irritating and certainly not cool to have to spend several minutes untangling them in order that you can listen to some music.

So what's the solution?

Cable tidies have been around for ages but many of them are rubbish. The main problems being that the cable often doesn't stay on the tidy, or that they are too small to hold the whole cable.

ZenPlugs have come up with the clever new 'Cable Core' Earphone And Charger Cable Tidy which solves these problems and more.  It has been thoughtfully designed to be ergonomic and comfortable to use.

Being rubberised it gently grips cables, cords and wires, holding them on the tidy and stopping them from tangling.  It is pleasantly flexible, making it comfortable in your hand and in your pocket.

It is just the right size to store or shorten your standard earphone cable. It is available in a larger size for studio earphones with a longer cord, easily storing 2 metres of 2mm flex. The Cable Core stops your studio looking like an explosion in a spaghetti factory.

Try as you might you probably find that your MP3 player earphone wire becomes tangled, regardless of what you do.  Someone has worked out the physics behind this; there is an equation which explains why it happens.

So what can you do about it?

There are many different types of MP3 earphone wire tidies available but many of them are useless; they are often too flimsy, bendy and don't grip the wire effectively.  Thin silicon types fit into this category.  The fish skeleton type which sells in large quantities does not work well at all as it is too flexible to be of any use.  The wire becomes unwound and ends up even more tangled than if you hadn't used the tidy in the first place.

The new wire tidy from ZenPlugs addresses these problems by being pleasantly flexible without being too bendy. It gently grips the wire without damaging it and because it is gently pliable it won't dig in your leg when you sit down.

It is available in three enticing colours and two sizes; the small version is ideal for earphones and phone chargers.  The larger size is great for studio headphones which have much more wire attached.