Remember To Include Ear Plugs In Your Camping Equipment

Ear plugs make a great piece of camping equipment which people often don't think to take with them.  There are all sorts of unfamiliar noises in a field in the middle of the night. Cows mooing, traffic noise, snoring from the tent next door and weather noise to name but a few.  It's surprising how much noise a flapping tent flap can make.  Simply take a pair of decent molded ear plugs for sleeping with you. You get a good nights' sleep and enjoy your trip more.

ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs are great for sleeping because they block the sound of snoring and don't protrude from your ears.  This makes them comfortable when lying on your side.  They are colourful and antibacterial so reduce the risk of ear infections.  The antibacterial compound is highly active against salmonella and other pathogenic bugs.  If you are a regular ear plug user you can end up with ear infections from the foam varieties as they are porous and harbour bacteria.  ZenPlugs Earplugs are far more hygienic because they are wipe clean as well as being antibacterial.  

Cable tidies also make ideal camping kit.  They can be used to safely transport spare shoelaces and guy-ropes in your over-laden rucksack.  Hop over to our home page by clicking here to find out more or visit our 'Buy Now' button to make your camping trip a little bit easier.

Modern Life Sucks; Improve Your Lot With Some Molded Ear Plugs

Nowadays it's impossible to get a moment's rest with cell phones binging, computers bonging and Twitter, Facebook, Path, Foursquare and the other multitude of social networks informing you constantly that someone has mentioned something in passing on one of your pages. The 'Always On' culture leads to people answering emails and texts 24/7, on the toilet, in bed, whilst out for dinner. We'd be on the phone in the shower if our phones were waterproof.

Rest is harder to come by than ever; more valuable but frequently disturbed by our multitude of internet-connected personal electronic devices. If I were you I wouldn't gamble your next good night's sleep on whether or not the neighbours decide to have an impromptu rave which goes on all night and into the next day.

It is well worth invested a few pounds on a pair of ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs which will reliably block out the noise and allow you to sleep without hindrance. You can either go to sleep with them in or chance it and put them in the drawer by your bed so you can grab them if you are woken. Personally I prefer the former. They are incredibly comfortable, super-effective and antimicrobial so tick all the right boxes for the ideal sleep ear plugs.