A Mine Of Information On Otitis, Swimmers' Ear And Surfers' Ear

A Mine Of Information On Otitis, Swimmers' Ear And Surfers' Ear
A Mine Of Information On Otitis, Swimmers' Ear And Surfers' Ear

Are you looking for information on ear infections, otitis externa, swimmers' ear and surfers' ear? Our website has a wealth of information on these problems.  There are links to high quality articles, blog posts and videos about these problems, as well as tips and tricks on how to avoid them.

It's not common knowledge that in order to prevent surfers' ear it is necessary to keep wind and water off the mastoid bone, as well as out of the ear canal.  This is the bony protruberance behind the ear.  The way to keep it warm and dry is to wear a neoprene winter hood pulled down low over your ears.  If you want to know more then take a look at the Google Plus page above; there is a multitude of information there to help you.

There are many situations where molded sleeping ear plugs come in useful.  For example, if you live near a busy road it may be difficult to sleep at night. This might be due to traffic noise, buses and lorries going past, making the windows rattle.

The neighbour's hot water system or boiler firing at 5am may be enough to wake you up and it can be very difficult getting back to sleep at this time.

If you have an important golf tournament or a running race such as a half-marathon, marathon or fun-run then your sleep will be valuable.  Make sure you get plenty during training as well as the night before.

Travelers definitely benefit from carrying high-end ear plugs from ZenPlugs. Public transport and cheap hotels can both lead to sleep deprivation, particularly on long trips.


March 6, 2017

If you are a regular swimmer you may be wondering 'how can I prevent swimmer's ear?' Swimmer's ear infection is a common condition amongst those who swim. Whether this is in seawater or a swimming pool the problem is the same.  An early sign is itching and soreness. If a sufferer takes preventative measures at this stage it prevents the problem progressing.  Otherwise the individual may need antibiotic drops or tablets.  Symptoms of swimmer's ear include redness, swelling, pain, muffled hearing and discharge. Deafness may occur from accumulated slough and debris in the ear canal.  Prevention is better than cure and there are a few things you can do to avoid the problem;

  •     Wear ear plugs for swimming
  •     Rinse ears with drinking water and/or medical alcohol after immersion
  •     Avoid repeated or prolonged immersion when the problem starts
  •     Don't stick anything in your ear; it will worsen the problem

Regular ear plug use can be enough to keep the problem at bay.  ZenPlugs Fitted Swimming Ear Plugs are ideal because they last for years. They are custom created for your ears using the ground-breaking kit. This makes them comfortable and effective at keeping water and infection from your ears.  They contain a bacteria-destroying compound which kills all the bacteria which cause ear infections. This gives you double protection against ear infections.

Swimmer's ear can also be caused by soap and shampoo.  Soaking in a bubble bath can cause serious inflammation in the ears.  The warm soapy water is ideal for dissolving the wax in the ear.  It then soaks through the skin.  Perfumes in the skin cause itching.  The same happens when you wash your hair in the shower.  The problem is worse if you use a leave-in shampoo.  These are often for dandruff or hair loss.  If the problem started when you began using these products this is probably what is causing the problem.  Cut is out if you can.  Otherwise leave it on for less time.  You could wear ear plugs in the shower if you need to leave it on for longer.

Prevent swimmer's ear for many years. Buy some ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs For Swimmers.