What Makes Moulded Ear Plugs The Best Swimming Ear Plugs?

What Makes Moulded Ear Plugs The Best Swimming Ear Plugs?

What Makes Moulded Ear Plugs The Best Swimming Ear Plugs?

Moulded ear plugs tend to be made of non-porous plastics. This type are more hygienic and last longer in water than other varieties.  Because they are fitted they tend to be more comfortable and effective at keeping water out of the ears.  Water entering the ear can wash away the wax and soften the underlying epidermis. This allows bacteria to enter, causing otitis externa, also known as swimmer's ear.

Itching and soreness are early signs; take preventative measures before the infection develops.  Full-blown infection requires drops containing antibiotics.  They may also contain antifungals such as acetic acid and steroids.  Used for several days these will cure most minor external ear infections.  Oral (tablet or liquid) antibiotics may be required.

Moulded ear plugs are easily connected on a cord. Unlike the malleable varieties ZenPlugs even contain an antibacterial. It actively kills the germs which cause ear infections.   They can be moulded to your ears in just a few minutes at home, saving you time and money compared with visiting the audiologist.

The plastic is wipe clean and impervious to water so does not deteriorate with use.  The sea-water and chlorine in pool water won't damage the plastic.  Some ENT surgeons recommend the use of ear plugs when a patient has a perforated eardrum any time water comes near the ears. This includes when washing the hair. Get yourself a great pair of ZenPlugs Moulded Ear Plugs and protect yourself from swimmer's ear for years to come.

Swimming lengths can be really dull. Did you know you can now buy waterproof iPods which allow you to listen to music whilst you are in the pool?

It's great being able to listen to educational podcasts, the radio or biographical audiobooks whilst you swim up and down. You can create a different playlist for each workout you do. If you are running or swimming and aiming to beat your personal best or the world record then you need some powerful pumping dance tunes to get you fired up and keep you going when your muscles are getting fatigued and the lactic acid is building up.

Make sure you wear good ear plugs when swimming when you're not listening to your music in the pool. This will stop you getting ear infections from the water and chlorine irritating and inflaming your ears. ZenPlugs Moulded Swimming Ear Plugs are ideal due to the fact that they are individually fitted to the ears and are super-comfortable and great at keeping water out of your ears and canals. They also contain an antibacterial called Steritouch which has been proven to kill all the bacteria which cause ear infections so you get double protection against swimmer's ear.