Moulded Ear Plugs Vs Disposable Ear Plugs

Moulded Ear Plugs Vs Disposable Ear Plugs

Moulded Ear Plugs Vs Disposable Ear Plugs

If you are trying to decide whether to get moulded earplugs then here is some advice. We will outline moulded earplugs vs disposable earplugs. There are a few key differences.

1) Effectiveness. Moulded earplugs such as ours from tend to be more effective than other times because they are fitted to your ear canals. They are also made of denser material and so are often better at blocking noise.  They are also better at keeping water out of your ears.  They tend to be made of waterproof materials and fit well.

2) Staying in the ears. Because moulded earplugs are shaped to the ear canal they fit like a lock and key. Other types tend not to stay in so well, particularly the foam variety. Because this type expand in the ear canal they push themselves out over time. They fall out and expose you to the noise you were trying to block. This is a particular problem if you were using the plugs to sleep.

3) Lifespan. Moulded earplugs last for years. Other types sometimes only last for a few uses. Foam becomes contaminated quickly and wax or soft silicon gather hair and dirt. Rubber deteriorates.

4) Hygiene. ZenPlugs contain an antibacterial compound called Steritouch. This means that they kill germs which is unlike most other types of earplugs. This makes them much better at preventing infections and swimmer's ear.

5) Cost. Moulded earplugs do cost more than other varieties. However, if you calculate the cost per use then it is much lower for moulded earplugs because they last for so much longer. It may only be a couple of pence per use if you use them regularly. Other varieties can be several tens of pence per use as they need to be replaced frequently.

6) Waterproof. Moulded earplugs are excellent at blocking water from the ears. Many other types such as foam are not so good at this.

Summary. In summary moulded earplugs are generally better than other types. They last longer, are more effective and cost less per use.

Dr Toby Bateson