Motorcycle Ear Plugs Protect Your Hearing From Wind And Traffic Noise

Foam ear plugs and many other types are not effective when worn under a motorcycle helmet.  This is because they often protrude form the ears so come out when the helmet is taken on and off.  It is not possible to adjust your plugs when your helmet is on. This makes it important that they remain in place when you put your helmet on.  Our ear plugs are designed not to protrude from your ears so they don't come out under your helmet.  They are also antibacterial. This means they help to stop you getting ear infections if you are on your bike for long periods of time.  The antimicrobial compound is known to get rid of MRSA, salmonella and pseudomonas. This makes it a welcome component of our earplugs.  Here is an interesting article about hearing loss on motorcycles and the use of ear plugs

ZenPlugs are effective at blocking wind and traffic noise from your ears. This means they will protect you from noise-induced hearing loss for years to come. Noise-induced hearing loss is an important cause of deafness because it is one of the few causes which is avoidable.  As well as deafness it can cause tinnitus which can lead to misery so is worth avoiding at all costs. Check out our Motorcycle Ear Plugs by clicking on 'Buy Now'.

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