Moulded Ear Plugs Are The Best Ear Plugs

Noise is irritating and pervasive.  At best it is a mere annoyance; at worst it can reduce your quality of life.  Noisy plumbing from adjacent flats and buildings can keep people awake. This can result in insomnia, depression and anxiety.  The stress can become overwhelming when you're sleep deprived as well.

Moulded Ear Plugs Are The Best Ear Plugs

Moulded Ear Plugs Are The Best Ear Plugs

Molded ear plugs are the best earplugs.  For a few pounds you can get yourself a super-comfortable pair of ear plugs which will last for years.  ZenPlugs are ideal because they don't protrude from your ears so are comfortable when you lie on your side in bed.  They are even antibacterial making them great at preventing ear infections.  They last for far longer than foam, wax or soft silicon ear plugs, making them cheaper to use in the long-run.

Insomnia can cause serious life-issues and it is worth avoiding chronic insomnia at all costs.  The problem can lead to relationship breakdown, under-performance at work and reduced quality of life.  Sometimes the source of the noise can be found and sorted out but sometimes this proves to be impossible.  A neighbor's boiler firing during the night is an example of this.  The neighbor may be unavailable, not care or not be able to do anything about the problem.  Get yourself a pair of molded ear plugs from and sleep peacefully.

Get a Good Night's Rest With the Use of Custom Ear Plugs

The older you get the more likely you are to snore. Snore statistics showing that 30% of people aged over 30 snore, which rises to 40% when you get past the age of 40. Of those snorers, only 19% are women as it's a problem which primarily affects men.

That means there are an awful lot of women (and a few men) who have a disturbed night's sleep thanks to their partner's snoring. There are a few tried and tested methods on stopping someone from snoring that you can try to prevent the problem.

Stopping Someone from Snoring

- Roll Them Onto Their Side

People who sleep on their side tend to snore less to try to prop them with pillow onto the side facing away from you so they can't roll back onto their backs.

- Try a Nasal Decongestant

This will open the airways and clear any stuffiness. Nasal decongestants come in either sprays or strips.

- Buy a Humidifier For The Bedroom

This will keep the air moist and so prevent irritation of the nose and throat.

- Keep Their Head Up

Raising their heads can also help open airways by moving the tongue and jaw forward. There are special pillows you can buy for this exact purpose.

Sleep Easy With Ear Plugs To Block Snoring

Sometimes, no matter what you try, snoring can become a persistent problem that could drive you to sleep in separate bedrooms. Sleeping apart is not a very practical or preferable solution, but ear plugs just might be.

Here's our guide to using ear plugs to get a good night's sleep:

- Moulded ear plugs

Invest in a moulded custom pair as these will fit snugly in your ear and are more effective at drowning out noise.

- Avoid Shop Bought Versions

Normal ones if used regularly can irritate your ears and be the cause of ear infections.

- Custom Moulded Ear plug Kit

Professionally moulded pairs can cost upwards of £60 or more but cheaper kits are available which are just as effective.

- Prevent Ear Infections with Antibacterial Ear Plugs

Some moulded custom versions are self cleaning and contain Steritouch. This is proven to tackle even MRSA and other bacteria so you can use them without leaving your ears prone to nasty bacterial infections.

Whatever is causing your lack of sleep, whether it's your partner's snoring or the neighbour's drums, you can now sleep in comfort with custom moulded ear plugs.