Moulded Ear Plugs For Musicians

Moulded Ear Plugs For Musicians

Moulded Ear Plugs For Musicians

Musicians are at high risk of deafness. Practicing and live gigs can both have dangerously high noise levels. This means that moulded ear plugs for musicians are a must. Moulded ear plugs are the best type for long-term use. They are far more comfortable than other varieties and are amazingly effective at blocking sound from the ears. ZenPlugs from are much better than other moulded ear plugs for musicians because they cost far less than having your moulds made at the audiology clinic. They are also powerfully antibacterial. This means they help prevent ear infections from wearing ear plugs frequently.

Many famous performers have noise-induced hearing loss including Chris Martin, Plan B and Elton John. They often campaign for awareness of the condition.

Noise-induced hearing loss is the commonest type of deafness which is acquired and preventable. This can be compared to other types which people may be born with or those which develop later in life but aren't preventable. An example of this is the deafness of old-age. This is called presbyacusis.

Unfortunately noise-induced hearing loss is becoming more common amongst young people. This has been blamed on the rise of the MP3 player. iPods are everywhere and people spend more on technology than ever before. Unfortunately most portable music players and headphones have no volume limiting devices. This means that they can expose the ears to dangerous levels of noise and damage hearing.

Damage from music can be temporary to start with but can later become permanent if exposure continues. Many people have experienced this after visiting a late night music venue. The next day your ears are ringing and hearing muffled. It usually settles after a few hours but if you repeatedly do this as a music performer it will lead to damage. Wearing a good pair of moulded ear plugs is enough to prevent this damage.

There are many different types of ear plugs available to buy; which are the best?

Moulded ear plugs are the best all-round ear plugs because they are comfortable and effective at keeping sound and water out of your ears.  Because the ZenPlugs are customised to your own ear canals you will discover that they fit like a key in a lock. This makes them less likely to fall out and creating a good seal which excludes water and ungodly noise from your precious ears.

ZenPlugs are made from high quality thermoplastic which is non-porous and antibacterial. This makes them ideal ear plugs for regular use.  Join them using a cord so you don't lose them. Buy them in bright colours so you can spot them if you drop them on the floor.

Moulded ear plugs are ideal for preventing swimmer's ear. This is because they are non-porous and don't deteriorate in water. ZenPlugs even contain an antibacterial agent which kills the myriad bacteria which are known to lead to ear infections.

They are also great at protecting you against surfer's ear. This is because they stop cold water and wind from entering the ear canal.

Keep your ears healthy with some lovely ZenPlugs Moulded Ear Plugs For Sleeping And Swimming.