The Musician's Secret Weapon: How Moulded Ear Plugs Could Help Save Your Hearing

The Musician's Secret Weapon: How Moulded Ear Plugs Could Help Save Your Hearing

The Musician's Secret Weapon: How Moulded Ear Plugs Could Help Save Your Hearing

Your ear is a pretty amazing thing. It is shaped to capture sound perfectly and send it down the funnel-shaped ear canal for the best listening experience. It is also vital in helping you to keep your balance.

Yet the ear, like so much sensitive equipment, is prone to becoming damaged through loud noise. The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Diseases (NIDCD) have researched this problem. They state that regular exposure to loud noises can damage the structures in our inner ear. This can lead to noise-induced hearing loss, tinnitus and hyperacusis (reduced sound tolerance). For many people, this damage can be irreversible.

If you are a musician you will know how important your hearing is and just how much abuse your ears take whilst practising.

One of the most famous cases involving loud music and noise-induced hearing loss happened at a Justin Bieber concert. The star and his record label are both being sued by a mother who claims a piece of stage equipment acted as a sound conductor. She says it amplified the crowds screams and led to her daughter suffering various hearing complaints in both her ears.

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Yet there is a simple way in which you can protect your ears - ear plugs.

Protecting your ears with ear plugs

Musicians and DJs are particularly at risk of developing tinnitus as a result of repeated exposure to loud noises. This is depicted in the famous film 'Its All Gone Pete Tong'. Just last year Chris Martin from Coldplay revealed that he too suffered from tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss.

ear plugs are a simple solution so why don't people wear them? Well ear plugs hardly fit into the rock n' roll lifestyle do they? But then, neither does going deaf. Another reason they aren't popular is that they are often ill-fitting and cause irritation.

Custom Moulded ear plugs

ZenPlugs moulded ear plugs are specially designed to fit exactly into the shape of your ear. Just pop them into hot water before inserting them and they will mould themselves to your ear shape, which solves the comfort issues. Because they are molded to your ears they are more effective at blocking sound and water from your ears.

Ear plugs may never be trendy, however they will help to prevent many ear complaints and going deaf isn't just uncool, it's also life changing. And if you want them in a rock n' roll colour, that can be arranged!