Our New Ear Plug, Stethoscope Earpieces and Cable Tidy Video

We're happy with our new ear plug, stethoscope earpiece and cable tidy video.  Let us know what you think!

ZenPlugs Earpieces were created by Dr Toby Bateson. He was inspired after his standard ones broke.  He was disappointed with the standard of the earpieces which were supplied. He found them uncomfortable.  They didn't seem to last very long; inconvenient when they split and fall off during a consultation with a patient.  

He developed the ZenPlugs System to solve this problem.  He was surprised to find that his new earpieces were outliving his stethoscope. They are incredibly comfortable as well as being antibacterial. This means that they might help prevent stethoscope associated otitis externa. This is outer ear infection caused by stethoscope use.

Sharing your stethoscope can be an act of generosity but you might inherit some nasty bugs in return.  By using moulded earpieces on your stethoscope it won't fit anyone else. This means you won't catch their ear infections and people won't take it by mistake.

The earpieces are moulded directly onto the arms of the stethoscope. This means they stay put indefinitely but can easily be removed by reheating them to soften and remove them.  The ZenPlugs Earplugs take advantage of the same amazing technology as their stethoscope earpieces. This gives you comfortable stethoscope earpieces at home in a few minutes.  The Cable Core Headphone Cable Tidy is a highly ergonomic cord-winder. It is ideal for keeping your wires tangle free and useable.


Our New Ear Plug, Stethoscope Earpieces and Cable Tidy Video