Check Out Our Lovely New Animoto Showcases

This week we've been having a lovely time listening to jazz, drinking loose-leaf Assam and working with Animoto. It's a great little piece of software which helps you build lovely videos showcasing your products.  Here's what we have made; 'Love Your Cable Core Earphone Cable Tidy' and our wonderful ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs video.  We really enjoyed using Animoto and found it highly expressive, giving lovely floaty effects.  Hope you like the videos. You can buy our worthy plugs from here.

Our new Cable Core Charger Wire Tidy has taken a lot of time and research to get right.  We tried and tested many of the different varieties of cable winder available on the market and found that most of them were not up to the job.  Many of them were too flimsy to hold the wire well; it simple came off.  This often made the problem worse as the wire became even more tangled.  Some of the models were too expensive or too bulky. This made  them inappropriate for exercise as the bouncing of the cord winder will yank it from your ears.

You will find our Cable Core beautifully bendy and so comfortable when in your pocket.  Click 'Buy Now' to get your beautifully designed Cable Core sent directly to your door.


Ear infections are a common problem for many people, particularly children. There may be underlying causes for ear infections. Despite this, often no cause is found.

Eczema. Eczema can lead to ear infections. Other skin disorders such as psoriasis can also lead to the problem. They weaken the body's defence against bacteria entering the skin. Tiny breaks in the surface of the skin allow bacteria to pass through. They have the opportunity to set up home in the deeper layers. Altered blood flow and the accumulation of inflammatory chemicals occurs. This leads to worsening of the condition, itching and soreness. Visit your doctor for treatment of the underlying disorder to prevent the infections. Steroid drops may be required.

Water. Repeatedly getting the skin of the ears wet can result in swimmers' ear. This is often starting off as soreness and irritation. It may progress to clinical infection if no intervention occurs. The water may also contain bacteria, fungal spores, soap and detergents. All these can and may contribute to the swelling, redness and inflammation in the ear. This may be prevented by wearing ear plugs.

Foreign body. When a small child has an ear infection a foreign body should be considered. This might be a pea or a piece of Lego. These can cause soreness, suppuration and reduced hearing.

Surfer's ear. The medical name for this malady is cranial exostosis and it consists of the formation of bony lumps around the opening to the ear canal. It leads to increasing deafness.  It can also increase the risk of ear infections by making water and debris linger in the ear canal. Wear ear plugs for surfing to save yourself from this malady.