We're Very Excited About Our New Cable Core Cable Tidy Film!

We're all twitching with excitement at ZHQ because we've got a great new movie about our our lovely Cable Core Earphone Cable Tidy.  Simon in accounts actually knocked his cup of tea over in agitation when he saw it; he couldn't believe his eyes!  You can buy yours by clicking on 'Buy Now'.

Owners of MP3 players and mobile phone chargers must be aware of the enigma of the tangled MP3 player and charger wire.  If you leave the cord unattended for more than forty minutes you will find it hopelessly tangled on your return.  How can this happen?  Well, rumour has it that a group of angry pixies are doing the rounds. They are deliberately tangling the wires of people who are listening to rubbish music.  If this sounds like you then you need to get yourself a ZenPlugs Cable Core Cable Tidy.

They are especially designed to be ergonomic and are just the right size to hold a standard MP3 player wire.  Being gently pliable they feel great in your hand and don't dig into your leg when you sit down.

The Cable Core is available in two sizes. The smaller is ideal for phone chargers and earphone cables and the larger will easily hold a 2m long 2mm diameter studio headphone flex.

The Cable Core compares favourably with other cable tidies on the market. It is priced in the mid-range and functioning much better in that they grip the cable tightly without damaging it.

Protect your earphones from the angry pixies with a Cable Core.