Prevent Jet Lag From Annihilating Your Life

Traveling for a vacation, even traveling for work—both can be fun, especially if you’re visiting a new-to-you city or country. But what’s definitely not fun about traveling? Jet lag.

Jet lag messes up so many things about daily life, not the least of which is sleep. Jet lag can also wreak havoc with moods, stomachs, and concentration. And certain travel patterns—say, going east or forward in time—can cause more intense jet lag.

So what can you do to prepare for and conquer jet lag as quickly as possible? For starters, you can try to adjust your internal clock, even slightly, before you set foot on the plane. Work to come close to matching the time for wherever you’re visiting. When you’re on the plane, there are also mid-travel tips that can help—even those that are as simple as hydrating and avoiding alcohol.

Want to learn more about getting over jet lag, and getting back to enjoying your time away? Use this graphic for help.

Prevent Jet Lag From Annihilating Your Life

Making sure you get quality sleep and rest whilst travelling is another good way of avoiding jetlag. Wearing a pair of molded earplugs from ZenPlugs will block the noise from noisy commuters, trains and planes so you can sleep and arrive well rested. Our plugs are antibacterial as well as being soft and super-comfortable. 

As well as being great for travelling your ZenPlugs are ideal for use whilst swimming or surfing when you do reach your destination. They have a unique double action against swimmer's ear by blocking water as well as killing nasty germs. You can also optionally connect them on a string so you won't lose them if one falls out. 

Prevent jet lag, get a great night's sleep and keep your ears healthy with ZenPlugs. 

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