Safety First With Moulded Ear Plugs

Safety First With Moulded Ear Plugs

Safety First With Moulded Ear Plugs

The use of ear plugs has increased as medical research advances; the health and protection of your hearing is very important. Infections which arise such as otitis media are a common occurrence in children.  Although these are less frequent in adults, keeping infections at bay as a preventative measure is important.

How Safe are Moulded Ear Plugs?

You may feel worried about varieties that mould to you. You will be aware of warnings about inserting cotton tips too far into the canal and you may be concerned about wearing ear plugs. Despite this the types that mould themselves to fit you are safer than the standard type that are available from pharmacy stores.

People have different sized ears just as they have different sized feet. Therefore, a standard variety will take some poking and prodding to get the fit right and for the wearer to feel comfortable. In order for it to grip and remain in place, a moulding process is required. Wearing plugs should feel comfortable and you will feel as though you're not wearing them as you become accustomed over time.

If you're new to wearing hearing protection, then it can take some time for them to feel comfortable. Those that mould naturally and reach to the entrance of the canal are far more beneficial.  They will prevent debris thus reducing infections.


In order for it to mould itself to you, the materials used are malleable and entirely safe to use.

You might worry that they may become lodged but to allay your fears, this is a rare occurrence. Ear plugs are designed and manufactured to all health and safety requirements. Commonly the materials used are silicone or synthetic foams. Some have a protective coating and all are easily removed by a simple grabbing of the plug to remove from the ear. Most types will protrude or have a handle to aid removal.


It's essential to have good hygiene when wearing ear plugs to avoid the transmission of bacteria from the outside environment. Always wash your hands prior to inserting and removing them. Equally, ensure your aural hygiene is paramount at all times to avoid the plug contributing to wax building up. The wax in is a form of protection and it is produced naturally. Ear plug use and safety is the same as that of cotton tips. Don't push the plugs too far into the ear drum.

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