Sleeping Earplug Reviews

Sleeping Earplug Reviews

Sleeping Earplug Reviews

Blocking snoring and noise at night are amongst the commonest reasons for buying earplugs for use at home. The question is, which type should you buy? There are many different varieties to choose between, which one would be the best for you?

Here is some information about two different types of sleeping ear plugs.

Foam ear plugs. These are not good for sleeping in. The reasons for this are as follows; firstly the discomfort which they invariably cause. Because of the fact they expand in your ear canals they press on the highly sensitive skin lining your ear canals. This means that you may well be woken up by sore ears. The expansion also leads to them pushing themselves out, resulting in the plugs falling out during the night.  This type are also unhygienic as they accumulate moisture, dirt and bacteria.  Yuck.

Moulded earplugs. This type are ideal for use at night. There are a wide range of reasons for this. The first is that these are more comfortable than other varieties. This is because they are shaped one at a time to fit the gentle contours in your ears. The plugs fit beautifully like a metaphorical lock and key and so effectively eliminate almost all noise at night, helping you get a good night's sleep.

These are ideal for those who use earplugs on a regular basis. ZenPlugs cost far less when you compare them to having your ear plug moulds made by an audiologist because you can make them yourself in a few minutes at home.

ZenPlugs built-in antibacterial Steritouch kills all the nasty germs which are known to often cause ear infections. This means your plugs will be far less likely to become itchy and sore with repeated use. Occasionally people develop ear infections due to wearing your ear plugs every night in bed. This is far less likely with antibacterial varieties. ZenPlugs Sleeping Earplugs are especially designed to be comfortable if lying on your side. The fact is they do not protrude out of the ears which makes them super-comfortable. They will not be pulled out by dragging on your pillow whilst you roll over in the night time.

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