The Benefits Of Moulded Ear Plugs

What Are The Benefits Of Moulded Ear Plugs?

What Are The Benefits Of Moulded Ear Plugs?

Moulded ear plugs are widely accepted to be the best ear plugs.  What are the benefits of moulded ear plugs?

  • Comfort. Because they are made for each ear, one at a time, they are exceptionally comfortable. They exactly match the contours of your ear canals and don't exert pressure on the delicate skin lining your ears, unlike foam ear plugs.

  • Effectiveness. The fact they are closely fitted to your ears means they are highly effective at blocking sound and water, keeping you safe.

  • Waterproof. As they are made from waterproof materials they tend to make excellent swimming and surfing ear plugs, helping to prevent swimmer's ear and surfer's ear too.

  • Antibacterial. ZenPlugs Custom Moulded Ear Plugs are also antibacterial and can actually kill the germs which cause ear infections.

  • Colourful. As they are available from in so many different colours you can choose your favourite or select one which would contrast with the ground where you will be using them so you can find them easily if you drop them.

  • Connected. Join them with a cord so you can find them easily if one falls out. Tie the cord to your bag or your wetsuit so you don't lose them easily when you are travelling with them.

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