The Best Waterproof Swimming MP3 Players On Amazon

The Best Waterproof Swimming MP3 Players On Amazon

The Best Waterproof Swimming MP3 Players On Amazon

Buying a swimming MP3 player for yourself is a great idea if you spend a lot of time in the swimming pool.  You can listen to podcasts, music and audiobooks. Keep yourself entertained whilst you swim up and down.  Make sure you get a good one by checking out the reviews on this helpful post.

It's a great idea to get one which is bundled with waterproof swimming ear phones; this will make your purchase much better value.

You can create several different playlists according to different routines, activities or days of the week.  Energising, invigorating tunes will help you push yourself harder if you are going for your personal best.

Stop swimmers' ear with a fitted pair of ear plugs. These from ZenPlugs are the bees-knees because they are colourful, antimicrobial and areconnected on a cord so you won't lose them.  They are molded by you at home in a few minutes from a kit making them far less expensive and time consuming than visiting the audiology clinic.  Their antibacterial qualities make them excellent at preventing swimmer's ear. This is because they kill all the bacteria which are known to cause ear infections.  Pop over to their website to buy your pair now.

What Is Swimmer's Ear And How Can You Prevent It?

Swimmer's ear infection (otitis externa) is a common malady which particularly affects swimmer's.  Swimming regularly or for a long time particularly increases the risk of the problem.  Water and irritants such as soap and chlorine cause inflammation of the fragile skin which lines the ear. This makes it much more prone to invasion by nasty bacteria which can cause ear infection.

Early signs include mild soreness which can progress to pain, itching, redness and discharge. Muffled hearing may occur from the build-up of slough and debris in the canal of the ear.

Prevention can be achieved through wearing the best swimming ear plugs. ZenPlugs Double Action Ear Plugs are ideal because they keep water out of your ears and kill the bugs which give you ear infections.  If water enters your ear it is also important to wash them out with drinking water or surgical alcohol.

Make sure you take preventative steps in the early stages before clinical infection sets in.  If you may have an ear infection make sure you consult your doctor.

Our products are proudly manufactured in Cornwall, UK.  We supply our ear plugs to London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Edmonton, Glasgow, Ireland, Aberdeen, Ipswich, Inverness, Kent, Leeds, Ontario, Melbourne, New Zealand, Newcastle, Perth, Sydney, Vancouver, Victoria, Cardiff, Australia, the USA, Canada and ship our products around the world.