What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is common. It is a disorder which mostly affects overweight middle-aged men.  Sufferers are often witnessed to snore heavily before stopping breathing for many seconds.  The abdomen may see-saw with the chest as the air cannot move in and out of the lungs.  

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Snoring may be loud and spouses will benefit from wearing  a highly effective pair of ear plugs such as those from ZenPlugs.

Daytime sleepiness may be a serious problem. Sufferers often fall asleep at inopportune times like in meetings or whilst driving.  This may lead to irritability, snappiness, depression and anxiety.  The risk of stroke and heart attack is also much higher. This is probably because blood pressure rises during episodes.  As well as this, the risk factors for sleep apnoea and these complications overlap.

Ear plugs can help bed-fellows get some sleep.  Molded ear plugs are more effective than other types. ZenPlugs last for years and are flush with the ears so remain comfortable, especially when sleeping on your side.  They also kill germs and help prevent ear infections. Otherwise these do occur with prolonged or repeated ear plug usage.

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There's nothing worse than a disturbed night's sleep due to a partner snoring. If you're deprived of sleep due to your bed-mate's loud snoring, looking for a quick fix can cause a degree of stress. However the solution is simple, moulded ear plugs. Yes, these innovative devices can solve sleep disturbances and you will be able to sleep again in peace.

Sleep Deprivation

When your body is deprived of sleep, this affects not only your senses but your body will reflect a lack of sleep. It is required in order for your body to restore itself from the activities during the day. If you have a snoring partner who keeps you awake tossing and turning all night, you will feel frustrated and fragile the next day. Chronic lack of sleep can lead to depression, anxiety and poor performance at work. Ceasing snoring is not always possible. Despite this you can help prevent your snoring partner from disturbing your sleep by wearing ear plugs. Snoring and ear plugs go hand-in-hand like fish and chips! By choosing a variety that moulds to you, you will soon be able to sleep like the proverbial baby.

What are Moulded Ear Plugs?

These are able to fit you perfectly in the way that standard varieties cannot. You will no longer have to endure prodding and poking of ear plugs in order to gain some comfort. These moulded ear plugs are made of a special material that shapes to your outer ear. This protects your eardrum and canal from environmental elements.

Will I be Able to Hear Anything?

You will still be able to hear noises, but the sounds will be muffled and softened. The ability to hear is astonishing; nerves sends a message to the brain, enabling us to perceive sound. So by blocking this gateway, the sound of a snoring partner will be significantly reduced. This allows you to switch off and visit the land of nod with ease.

Once you are asleep, you will no longer hear your partner's snoring. Hearing protection can be worn for a range of other activities but are an essential tool in the battle to get a good night's sleep. Not to mention they can help preserve your sanity, leaving you feel refreshed once sleep is restored.

Choose from a wide range of varieties that mould themselves to your ear and get back to a healthy sleep regime. No matter how loudly your partner snores.