Tweet To Win Ear Plugs

Tweet To Win Ear Plugs

Tweet To Win Ear Plugs

If you want a chance to win a pair of comfortable and effective ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs all you need to do is to hit the 'Tweet' button on the top right of the page.  That's it!  1 in 10 tweets will have a pair of ear plugs sent out pronto.  You can use the standard auto-filled text if you like or you can change it when you Tweet To Win Ear Plugs, just make sure the website link is unchanged so we can find your Tweets.

Our ear plugs are fitted one at a time to your ears for extreme comfort and effectiveness at keeping sound and swimming pool water out of your ears.  They are perfect for sleeping, snoring, studying and any other time you need a great pair of earplugs.  They are the only remoldable molded ear plug kit in the world and make ideal general usage ear plugs, available from ZenPlugs.

The plugs are excellent value for money because they last for years meaning they can certainly be used many hundreds of times, making the cost per use less than 1 pence.  This compares favourably to other types such as wax earplugs which cost several pounds and need to be replaced after only a few uses.  Being antibacterial they are uber-hygienic and great for preventing otitis, surfer's ear and swimmer's ear.

Surfer's ear plugs need to keep water away from the ears in order to prevent surfer's ear. This is the common name for cranial exostoses; the generation of bony spurs around the open of the ear canal. These are made by the body in response to the cooling manner of the evaporation of water from the ear which happens when the wind blows over wet ears.

When the narrowing reaches 90% the surfer may experience deafness and may not notice any symptoms before this. An increased chance of infections occurs because of reduced clearing of the debris and prolonged water logging of the ear canal.

Treatment is not nice and consists of chiselling or drilling away the bone to reopen the canal. Prevention is much much better; choose the best pair of waterproof ear plugs. The ZenPlugs Surfing Ear Plugs are definitely ideal due to them being easily molded to each of your ears and are comfy and really effective at keeping the water out. These are antimicrobial so may help prevent you getting ear infections.

They last for years and can be joined on a lanyard and then tied onto your wetsuit to help stop you losing them.

Protect your ears against infections for many years into the future with a pair of ZenPlugs.

If you win we will contact you through Twitter.

Good Luck!