Unusual Christmas Gifts For Him Or Her; ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs

Unusual Christmas Gifts For Him Or Her; ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs

Unusual Christmas Gifts For Him Or Her; ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs

Finding new ideas for Christmas presents year after year can be difficult. Everyone needs a good pair of ear plugs, why not get them a pair of ZenPlugs Moulded Ear Plugs? They last for years and are ideal for sleeping, swimming, surfing and protecting the ears against dangerous noise levels. They are ideal as a stocking-filler or as a gift under the tree.

Swimmers love ZenPlugs because their unique double-action protects against swimmers ear. They block water and are antibacterial so prevent nasty ear infections from seawater and swimming pools. Because they come bundled with a removable cord they are hard to lose and easy to find. 

Surfers love them because they prevent surfer's ear which can lead to deafness. By keeping cold wind and water out of the ear canal surfers can spend longer in the water without having to worry about deafness.

People with partners who snore love them as well because they are great at blocking out sound and are comfortable when lying on your side in bed. They don't expand in your ear and cause discomfort, unlike disposable foam ear plugs. This means they don't wake you up in the night and they are less likely to fall out whilst you sleep. 

People who work in noisy environments and do DIY also love them because they protect against noise induced hearing loss. Repeated exposure to high volume sounds can lead to permanent deafness. For example heavy machinery, drills, hammering and traffic noise can all cause problems. ZenPlugs are certified to protect the ears against damage.

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Many ear plugs on the market today are uncomfortable and ineffective at blocking sound from the ears.  Some of them fall out frequently and some exert too much pressure in the ear canal, making them uncomfortable and unlikely to stay in your ears.  Foam ear plugs are an example of this type of ear plugs; they are also unhygienic as they harbour bacteria and are difficult to clean effectively.

Molded ear plugs are made individually especially for you which makes them exceptionally comfortable and makes them fit your ears like a key in a lock.  This makes them more likely to stay in your ears during sleep and exercise as well as creating a customised seal which effectively keeps water, sound and dirt away from your ears.

Using a screw thread attachment you can attach a cord or lanyard which keep the plugs together and stops you losing them but make sure you don't use a cord if you are using the plugs in bed.

ZenPlugs are molded from a kit making them much less expensive than having you ear plugs fitted by the audiology clinic.  They are comfortable and effective against sound and water.  Their website has more information as well as being a place to buy them.