Warning; Musicians, You Need To Protect Your Hearing With Ear Plugs

Warning; Musicians, You Need To Protect Your Hearing With Ear Plugs

Musicians earplugs need to be comfortable and very effective at blocking sound. They are at high risk of deafness secondary to exposure to loud noise.  Band practice and live gigs can both lead to dangerously high noise levels. Noise-induced hearing loss may follow. This is a syndrome of tinnitus and deafness. It may be temporary to start with but can become permanent if the noise is extreme or if there are repeated episodes.

The problem can easily be prevented with a good pair of ear plugs. ZenPlugs make a good choice in this instance because they are comfortable and effective against noise. Comfortable plugs are more likely to be worn rather than left at home. No ear plugs are effective when they are lying on the floor in your bedroom.

ZenPlugs from http://zenplugs.com/molded-earplugs/ are each molded to the ears so they stay in much better than other types of plugs. They don't push themselves out, unlike foam ones. The Steritouch they contain is ace at killing bacteria so your ears stay squeaky clean and free from infections.

Overall the incidence of noise induced hearing loss has dropped. This is due, at least in part, to the advent of health and safety law at work. In the past, people working in mills and factories were exposed to very high noise levels on a daily basis and as a result could easily go deaf. People just accepted this. Now with new laws in place employers must provide hearing protection if noise levels are over a certain threshold.

Unfortunately noise-induced hearing loss is increasing amongst teenagers. This is due to the use of iPods and other portable MP3 players. These lead to problems when played at high volumes for long periods of time. New models and some earphones are now available with volume limiters which protect hearing, as long as people use them!

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