What Are Good Earplugs For Itchy Ears?

Itchy ears are a common problem which can be caused by swimming in the sea or a swimming pool. Also known as 'swimmer's ear', it is a common disorder amongst those who swim regularly or for prolonged periods of time.  The disorders often starts with itching and sore ears but can progress to pain, discharge, redness, swelling and muffled hearing from dirt clogging the passage of sound.  It's medical name is otitis externa. It is caused by the water softening the skin and allowing bacteria carried by the water to penetrate to the underlying dermis layer. Here it might cause infection requiring antibiotic drops. Sometimes oral (tablet or liquid) antibiotics are required in extreme cases.

What Is Swimmer's Ear And How Can I Prevent It?

What Is Swimmer's Ear And How Can I Prevent It?

Prevention is definitely preferable to cure . Wearing a good pair of ear plugs from http://zenplugs.com/molded-earplugs/ for swimming will definitely help to prevent it. ZenPlugs Molded Earplugs are good earplugs for itchy ears.

Use the early itching as a sign of infection being on it's way; try to swim less often and for shorter periods.  When you emerge from the pool or the sea wash your ear canals out with drinking water or surgical alcohol.  This will remove dirt and germs. Ensure your ears are clean and you wear your ear plugs every time they are exposed to water.

ZenPlugs Ear Plugs are great for preventing swimmers' ear because users can make them at home in only a few minutes. They are colourful and excellent at blocking water from your ears.  They are even antibacterial, actively fighting the bacteria for you. You can now also buy them on Amazon here; https://www.amazon.co.uk/ZenPlugs-Swim-Molded-Ear-Plugs/dp/B07H2D66BW

Water can also affect the ears in other ways, particularly for surfers. The combination of wind and sea water leads to evaporative cooling of the outer ears resulting in the body responding by generating bony spurs around the opening to the canal. This is due a reaction in the membrane covering the bone (periostium). It can take quite a few years for this to happen and affected individuals might not notice it until the canal has closed over by ninety percent or more at which point deafness starts to set in.

As well as reduced auditory acuity sufferers are at increased risk of ear infections. This is due to the narrowed canal retaining skin debris and water, prolonging the drying time. Ear infections often give the warning sign of mild itching and irritation progressing to pus formation, pain and bleeding.

Surfers ear and swimmers ear are both simply and effectively prevented through the judicious use of a good pair of waterproof antibacterial earplugs. ZenPlugs are perfect because they can be made to fit each person's ear individually making them surprisingly comfortable and highly competent at the exclusion of water from the ears. Tie the adjoining lanyard to your wet suit for a complete solution to losing them in the sea.