What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of OSA?

OSA stands for obstructive sleep apnoea, a common cause of severe snoring in middle aged men.  Very loud snoring is the commonest sign of the condition.  Sufferers are often told by their sleeping partners that they stop breathing while they are asleep. They then splutter, wake up and carrying on breathing and snoring.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of OSA?

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of OSA?

The abdomen often see-saws with the chest as a result of airway obstruction.  Air shunts back and forth within the chest and doesn't leave the body whilst this is happening.

Affected individuals often find that they are very tired during the day. This is due to their repeated waking at night, to the point that they fall asleep during meetings, at work or whilst driving.

Risk factors include diabetes, smoking, middle age, being a man, alcohol consumption and large collar size.  Sufferers must visit their doctor for investigations to find out whether they have the condition. This is so that risk factors can be addressed and the problem treated. This is because it can cause strokes and heart attacks, both of which can reduce the quality and duration of life.

Sleeping partners of sufferers will sleep much better with a comfortable and effective pair of ear plugs for sleeping such as ZenPlugs.  They are antibacterial and won't protrude from the ear so are still comfortable even when lying on your side.

Which Ear Plugs Are Best For Sleeping?

There are myriad varieties of hearing protection available, which make the best when it comes to sleeping? The memory foam ear plugs don't work well in bed because they expand in your ear causing discomfort and pushing themselves out. You are exposed to the racket you are attempting to block, waking you from your precious slumber. The foam can be abrasive and irritate the easily damaged skin in your ear canals; best avoided.

Wax types and soft silicon varieties are not ideal due to the undisputable fact they accumulate dirt and hair and only last for a few uses, otherwise they become unhygienic and embarrassingly discoloured.

Molded custom ear plugs make ideal bed ear plugs because they are comfortably molded to the separate ears individually and don't fall away from your ears during the night. They create a customised seal with your ears which makes them excellent at defending against sound.

ZenPlugs are perfect because they cost dramatically less compared to having your ears fashioned by a local nearby audiologist. They can be made at home during a few short minutes but last for years of peaceful nights, preventing insomnia and saving your relationship by blocking your husband's snoring. They are even antibacterial, helping to protect you against ear infections.

Choose a brightly coloured pair making it easy to find them if you accidentally deposit them on the floor.